how to connect soundcore speakers together

How to Connect Soundcore Speakers Together

If you’re a music lover or someone who enjoys hosting parties or gatherings with great sound quality, then connecting multiple Soundcore speakers together is the perfect solution. Soundcore speakers are known for their exceptional audio performance and portable nature, allowing you to take the party anywhere. In this article, we will guide you on how to connect Soundcore speakers together to elevate your audio experience.

How to Connect Soundcore Speakers Together

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that not all Soundcore speakers can be connected together. Soundcore offers various speaker models, and only certain models have the capability to connect with each other. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that the speakers you own are compatible for pairing.

Step 1: Check Compatibility

To connect Soundcore speakers together, start by checking whether your speakers have the “True Wireless Stereo” (TWS) feature. This advanced feature enables you to sync two speakers together for stereo sound or combine them for enhanced volume. The speakers with TWS capability will have the TWS logo on their packaging or user manual.

Step 2: Power On the Speakers

Make sure both speakers are charged and powered on before attempting to connect them. You can connect the speakers while they are connected to a power source or use them wirelessly once they are charged.

Step 3: Activate TWS Mode

To activate the TWS mode, press and hold the power button on one of your Soundcore speakers for a few seconds until the Bluetooth light starts blinking. This indicates that the speaker is now in pairing mode. Repeat the same process on the second Soundcore speaker.

Step 4: Connect the Speakers

Once both speakers are in TWS mode, use your mobile device to access the Bluetooth settings. Look for the name of one of the speakers in the available devices list, and click to connect. After the first speaker is successfully connected, the second speaker will automatically connect, forming a stereo pair. The speakers will emit a chime sound to confirm the successful pairing.

Step 5: Test the Connection

Now that your Soundcore speakers are connected, it’s time to test the audio. Play a song on your mobile device or any other audio source, and you should experience a more powerful and immersive sound. Make sure to place the speakers in the desired location, creating the perfect soundstage for your surroundings.

connect soundcore speakers together

Step 6: Adjust Settings

Most Soundcore speakers come with a dedicated mobile app that allows you to adjust settings like EQ, volume, and other audio enhancements. Install the Soundcore app on your device and connect it to your speakers to unlock additional customization options. This will provide you with more control over the audio output, ensuring it suits your preferences.

Step 7: Expand the Sound

If you want to go beyond pairing just two Soundcore speakers, some models offer the ability to connect multiple speakers in a chain. This means you can connect three or more Soundcore speakers together, creating a larger sound system. Simply follow the same steps mentioned above to connect additional speakers. Keep in mind that the speakers must have the TWS feature to enable this functionality.


In conclusion, connecting Soundcore speakers together is a simple and convenient method to enhance your audio experience. By following the steps mentioned above, you can elevate your music listening or party hosting with immersive stereo sound or by expanding the system to incorporate multiple speakers. With the right Soundcore speakers and compatibility, you can take your audio experience to new heights.

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