Audio-Technica bluetooth headphones

How to Connect Audio-Technica Bluetooth Headphones to Laptop/PC?

There are a few ways that you can connect your Audio-Technica Bluetooth headphones to your PC or Laptop.

The first way is to use the supplied 3.5mm audio cable to connect the headphones to your PC’s or laptop headphone jack.

The second way is to use the included USB dongle to connect the headphones to your PC/Laptop.

The third way is to use the Bluetooth connection on your PC/Laptop and pair the headphones with it. Once the headphones are paired, they will automatically connect with your PC each time they are turned on.

Audio-Technica Bluetooth Headphones to PC/Laptop – Connection Steps

If you don’t know how to connect a Bluetooth headphone to any laptop/PC so follow the below steps.

Keep switched on the Bluetooth headphone mostly if it is wireless so Bluetooth would be active automatically while turning on the headphones.


After turning on your headphones, open your laptop and there find and search the keyword Bluetooth in the search menu. Open the Bluetooth and tap on scan new devices, so there you will find your headphone name so click on pair/connect allow permission for pairing on both sides and get it connected.

Audio-Technica bluetooth headphones

Which of these methods you choose to use depends on how you want to use your Audio-Technica Bluetooth headphones? If you want to use them for listening to music or watching movies, then I would recommend using the 3.5mm audio cable or the USB dongle. This is because Bluetooth can be a little bit limited when it comes to watching movies and listening to music because you are not guaranteed a stable connection.

If you want to use your headphones for gaming, then I would recommend using the Bluetooth option on your PC. It doesn’t matter if there are some interruptions in the sound because this isn’t going to affect your gameplay at all.

I hope that my article was helpful and that it answered your question about how to connect Audio Technica Bluetooth headphones to a PC


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