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Best HyperX Headsets for XBOX, PS4 and PC

When it comes to gaming headsets for Ps4, XBOX One, or other consoles, I’ve always been a fan of the HyperX brand. They develop and manufacture some of the best headsets in this category and they come at an affordable price.

Best HyperX Headsets for XBOX, PS4, and PC

Since we recently review the new Cloud Revolver headset, we thought we’d do a little comparison vs their older brother: The Cloud II. Let’s see in this article how these 2 popular headsets compare against each other!

What’s inside the box?

Just like with every HyperX product, you get your headset neatly packaged in a box that contains all relevant information about your purchase. Everything is very organized and nothing gets damaged during shipping thanks to their thoughtful packaging.

hyperx cloud II

HyperX Cloud II Wireless - Gaming Headset

In the box, you get a hard carrying case with a zipper and a mesh pocket inside where you find your headset and all related accessories: The detachable noise-canceling microphone, 2 cables that allow you to use the Cloud II on PC or PS4 as well as XBOX One (in case you bought it for one of these platforms), an airplane jack adapter and last but not least, velour ear pads which are also compatible with the Cloud Revolver Headset. Take note that if your preferred color is red/black instead of pink/purple, HyperX offers a black version of their popular headsets called “Cloud Core”.

What are the similarities between the Cloud II and Cloud Revolver headsets?

Both headphones come with 93% similar components. The only notable changes are on their ear cups, cables, and detachable microphone. We’ll get to that later in this article.

hyperx cloud revolver

HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset

Both headsets support XBOX One, PS4 (unofficial), and PC/Mac which makes them very versatile, especially if you want to use them for other platforms than Xbox One.

They come with a hard carrying case & airplane adapter jack.

Both support 3 EQ presets: Bass Boost (BB), Balanced (B), and Treble Boost (T). You can switch between these by double-clicking on the big volume control button below your right ear cup.

What are the main differences between Cloud II and Cloud Revolver?

Ear Cups – The headband that holds your headset together is very similar but it has a slightly different shape on both headphones. They also modified the ear cups to make them look more like their new sister (Cloud Revolver) than like the older brother (Cloud II). On-Ear Controls.

This is probably one of our favorite features of both headsets. You get 3 buttons on each ear cup which allow you to control your volume, toggle presets, or answer calls. Cable Design & Connection.

The cable used in each model is very different. While Cloud II comes with a braided cable that allows you to use it for gaming AND music, Cloud Revolver uses a single non-braided cable that’s meant for gaming only. Detachable Microphone.

One of the best features of both headsets is the detachable microphone. If you’re playing a game and your friend wants to join, just unplug it from the left ear cup and you can immediately chat with him! Noise Canceling – This feature is available on Cloud Revolver but not on Cloud II.

How do they sound?

We’ll start by saying that even though the difference between both headphones isn’t huge (and could be difficult to notice if you don’t have them side by side), we slightly prefer the sound of the Cloud Revolver to that of the Cloud II. The bass is tighter and punchier, voices are more clear and slightly louder while sound effects get a very nice directional boost thanks to the new design on both ear cups (more accurately located near your ears). The 3 EQ presets also allow you to further fine-tune your preferred audio profile for different games.

Does it make sense to upgrade?

The difference in price between these 2 models isn’t huge which makes this question quite difficult to answer. If you own the older model (Cloud II), I wouldn’t say it’s completely useless but it doesn’t make a lot of sense either as most of the components inside are identical or extremely similar. If you’re planning to switch to PC gaming soon and don’t yet own a headset, the Cloud Revolver is definitely an excellent choice since it’s compatible with basically any platform including your phone or laptop. If you already own the Cloud II I would probably wait for HyperX to release its successor. They usually take 1-2 years between each other so if you can bear wearing the same model for this long, there’s no need to upgrade in my opinion.

What about warranty?

This product qualifies for HyperX legendary “we’ll replace it even if you break it” warranty! Go check out their official page on Amazon by clicking here. This also applies if you buy directly from their website but keep in mind that depending on your location (if you live in the US for example) you might be asked to send the product back to Amazon instead of getting a replacement directly.

What are customers saying? Do they like it?

There are definitely a lot of positive reviews for this headphone on both Amazon and HyperX official websites. Users praise its comfort, sound quality, and microphone clarity while some say it feels slightly better than the Cloud II. There are also mixed opinions regarding the quality/durability but these concerns were mostly expressed by users who treated their headphones roughly or ran into compatibility issues with consoles that aren’t Xbox One or PS4 so take these with a grain of salt! If you want to hear what other people think about them, check out the official HyperX page on Amazon by clicking here or you can also check another gaming headset of HyperX cloud flight.


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